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“Curiosity is a mind in search of knowledge.” 

Slovenian Aesthetic Institute is a training and development organization that provides comprehensive, hands-on education to medical professionals looking to begin or advance their career in Medical Aesthetics, Anti-Age and Preventive Medicine. Many aesthetic practitioners may have a need to upgrade their knowledge or confidence to safely provide great patient outcomes, so we are here to support this. Slovenian Aesthetic Institute was founded by Dr Silvia Samarin MD PhD. Pioneering national aesthetic and anti-age medicine as training institute, our curriculum covers all fields of study and combines clinical theory with practical training.

Our philosophy is to make it simple, from chaos to order, from disharmony to harmony and to a new balance. Aesthetics are much about practitioner’s eyes and hands, but also mind and ability to understanding human psychology. With better work, we can transform life, our patient’s life, and ours. We invite you to an exciting journey of discovering your talents and live your life on a mission as the best version of yourself.

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